Loving the Hills Rotary


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By now it’s clear that line-drying is something that we take seriously in our household.  With a family of 6, laundry is a daily ritual and one that is therapeutic for my husband who is the main wash-man.  He loves to be sure that there is at least one washload hanging at any point during the day in our home or in our yard.  Since it’s winter here in the Northeast, these days most of the clothes are hanging indoors, as as we’ve said before, this practice can add much needed moisture to the dry winter air inside your home.

But by far my favorite is hanging the wash outside on our Hills Rotary.  Couldn’t be easier.  Lots of wash in a small footprint.  Clothes beautifully waving while the rotary gently spins in the breeze.  When we were building our addition a few years ago, our rotary socket got covered in dirt, and try as we might, we couldn’t locate it.  During that time we hung the laundry using a simple line strung up between 3 different points in our yard.  It had to be put up and taken down on a regular basis because in order to make it convenient, it had to be close to the house.  That situation made it an obstruction in our “near” yard.  The kids had to play elsewhere and my husband or I had to be in charge of stringing and unstringing the line.  Doesn’t sound like a really big deal, right?  But with the amount of laundry we had, we needed plenty of line space.  I was completely and totally missing my Hills Rotary.  Don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone:  classic example.

Our Hills Rotary sits outside most of the year, and we’ve even had wash dry on it earlier this January.  But now we’re back to drying inside on our Hills Portable Clothesline or one of the space-saving Drying Racks.  They truly do make getting the laundry done less of a chore!


Loving Winter

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SOS – Save our Sweaters!


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This time of year is commonly referred to as “the most wonderful time of the year”.  Not so for many of the clothing articles that we have to work into our daily wardrobe.  Colder weather means lots of sweaters and bundling up with soft, fuzzy items that haven’t seen the light of day for months.  Many of us have a favorite piece, either because it’s been given to us by someone special or it holds special meaning in other ways, and it’s important to take care of these “delicates”.  Whether these items are super expensive or more reasonably priced does not affect their personal value to the individual.

Using a mechanical dryer can do damage to our most treasured items, and even those not-so-treasured (those we may not care about as much)…the excessive heat can dry out elastic, break down fibers and shrink items that we would like to use for years to come.  Did you know that the lint that collects and needs to be removed from the dryer filter is composed of broken down fibers from your clothes?!  A simple way to combat this and preserve the life of your clothing is by using a drying rack to dry delicates and those special sweaters, be they cashmere or not.

The Hills Trident 3 Clothes Rack has 3 tiers to save floor space, combining height and lots of drying area with a small footprint.  These are perfect not only for apartments, but for anyone, anywhere who’d like to be gentle to those items that can’t go into the dryer (hint, hint:  in the laundry room, the bathroom, anywhere!).

Click here for a video about how best to wash a cashmere sweater at home.  Though a mesh drying rack is recommended in this video, a rack like this needs counter space to dry…a Hills drying rack can accommodate not only this sweater but other items as well, without eating up valuable counter space.  One level of the 3 Tier can be dedicated to a single sweater and the remaining levels used to dry other items. Drape your clothes over the “lines” or use pegs to hang and decrease drying time, whichever you prefer.  (It is preferable to dry sweaters flat to decrease on stretching the fabric.)  Our drying racks also have specially designed lines, thin enough to accommodate pegs to hang the wash, but durable enough to handle even the wettest pair of jeans.

Check out the Hills 3 Tier, currently on SALE!, and some of our other fantastic racks at www.breezedryer.com.

FE209464 Trident 3

Spring, I know you’re out there!


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There is a wonderful gardening show on public radio called “You Bet Your Garden”, recorded right here in the Philly area.  The host has some excellent suggestions and recommendations for gardening the natural way, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  One of the recent shows extolled the use of garden beds for planting.  They are ideal ways to garden, and simple to use and enjoy.

Breeze Dryer currently offers a number of Hills Garden Beds, each specifically designed to make your gardening experience an enjoyable one.  Check out our different sizes and styles here Garden Beds at Breeze Dryer.  The Hills Adda Garden Garden Beds are so simple to set up and use; visit our website, purchase the style you prefer, and it will arrive to you with minimal assembly required.  If you own a screwdriver, you can do this.  The galvanized steel walls provide for long term enjoyment and no contamination of your soil (as may occur using pressure-treated lumber or railroad ties…which we do not recommend).  You’ll be quickly on the path of warmer days and happy gardening.

Adda Garden 480

Mike McGrath, who provides endless knowledge of all things garden-related, and hosts the “You Bet Your Garden” show on WHYY and other stations throughout the country, can be found sharing some of his best garden bed info here:  YBYG .

Also, if bringing the garden to you is something you would enjoy, indoors or out on a deck or patio or wherever your imagination takes you, consider the garden bed with a base and ability to self-water (even while you’re away!) the Self-Watering Garden Bed is perfect!  With colors to match any decor and a top-notch reputation for reliability, the Hills SWGB is at home in apartments, homes, balconies…great colors too!



Experience Necessary


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For us, there are so many reasons to love a Hills Clothesline product.  Whether it’s an outdoor model or an indoor drying rack, the possibilities and applications are there; if you need the best line-drying product your money can buy, there is something for you.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and the products we offer…but now WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We are in need of feedback, from you, our customers!  There are many options for line-drying; your opinion of your Hills Clothesline or Drying Rack is so important for us to help others.  The internet has made it possible for all of us to learn from others’ experiences, and we are hoping that you will share yours by reviewing a product (or products) at www.breezedryer.com.  It’s simple and easy once you are familiar with a Hills product:

1.  Log in to or register for an account on www.breezedryer.com.

2.  Leave a product review for one item (or more than one item that you own).

3.  Automatically be entered to win a $150 gift certificate to the www.breezedryer.com website!  It is that easy.

4.  This chance to win expires on February 28, 2015.  The random winner will be announced March 1, 2015.  Thank you!!

Everyone can get involved!

Everyone can get involved!

A Year’s Worth of Homemade Laundry Detergent – Less than $25 for 504 loads!


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I remember my husband sending me emails with all kinds of  do-it-yourself money saving ideas after the birth of our daughter. .  I remember I loved deleting  them as quickly as they arrived as I was a new mom and could barely  get myself dressed and showered everyday before he came home from work!  Now that my kids are much older I have decided to revisit some of his earlier ideas and was so happy to find two really great and reasonable DIY Homemade Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener recipes.

Karrie Truman has an amazing blog that I can’t stop reading! The ingredients you need are easy to find and if you have a Walmart and or Dollar Store near by then better yet!

Make your own Laundry Detergent

and why not make your own Fabric Softener Crystals too!

Check back and let us know how it goes!



Children’s Online Consignment Made So Simple!


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If you have kids you certainly know what it is like to find that they have outgrown all their clothes . . . like suddenly! My 11 year old son went to camp this summer for only one week and returned with a great new confidence and added height – a whole inch and a half taller!  The clothes I had to buy in the Spring due to a later winter growth spurt no longer fit this fall and they are almost like new  . . .

So I am staring at this pile of clothes and cringing at the thought of trying to sell some of the name brand clothes as I do when I get on my usual eBay roll.   But the thoughts of taking pictures, creating listings is just too daunting right now as I am still reeling from back to school, work, meals, housework, walk the dog and not to mention the holidays countdown clock is starting to tick louder everyday in the background. So by some leap of faith I happened to stumble upon Swap.com.

This online consignment shop is targeted to moms like us with too many wonderful outgrown clothes in a pile in the corner of our kids room waiting for a home. The premise is easy  as you start by sending them a box of good to excellent condition clothes. This is the part that made me do a double take – Swap.com charges a flat fee of $8.90 for sorting, photographing, listing and storing all of items you send and the UPS shipping fee from your house to swap.com in Illinois is included. Not to mention my first time is free!!  If you don’t have shipping supplies they will send them to you as well. Their fee is reasonable – $1 for each item sold and 20% of the sale price . You set the sales price and once an item is sold you can either receive your payment via PayPal or use your credit to swap for other items that you want to get for your own kids. If you items don’t sell within 45 days swap.com will buy them from you. They will also accept Toys & games, Baby Gear, Books, Decor . . . anything kid related which is a good motivator to finally clean out the closets. So check it out . . .I will keep you posted on how this journey goes for me! www.swap.com


Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.47.42 AM






Join us at the Mother Earth News Fair!


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We are so happy to once again be at the Mother Earth New Fair this weekend in Seven Springs PA! We love making this a family event and our kids look forward to going every year. If you have been to this fair or any of the other Mother Earth News Fairs you know what we mean! This years workshops include:

  • Renewable energy
  • Small-scale agriculture
  • Gardening
  • Green building and more
Read more: Click Here

What we love most is getting out to meet people and talk clotheslines. We will have the following Hills products on display and for purchase:

  • Hills Slim Retracting 6
  • Hills Extenda 4 and 6
  • Hills Rotary 7 (Forest Glade)
  • Hills Everyday Villa Rotary  37 (Norfolk Pine)
  • Hills SupaFold Duo Folding Frame (Pebble Beach)
  • Hills Pegs
  • Hills Cordomatic

Our Show Special: Spend $175 at the show and receive a FREE  A-Frame Drying Rack ! ($51 value)

Stop by to say hello to us in Booth #105!

Did Someone Say Dessert?


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The 4th of July is a few days away so I thought I would share two traditional family dessert recipes! Warning: these desserts are highly addictive and will cause cravings long after the picnic and  fireworks are over. Proceed with caution to the refrigerator as any sudden noise will cause the rest of your family to yell “Get me some too!” 😉

No-Bake Banana Split Cake

Strawberry Pretzel Salad!

Have a Wonderful 4th of July Holiday Weekend!


4th clothesline!

Out to Dry…


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Tide published an interesting article on line drying from their perspective.  It’s worth a look, some tips everyone can use!  Check it out here:  Out to Dry




Springtime tune-up…


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Spring is definitely upon us now, no sign of Old Man Winter…he clouded our days long enough here in PA.  Always grateful for the seasons, however, as they make me appreciate what lies ahead.  I am always eager for Winter to come, and then just as eager to see it go and see the buds of Spring.  And so on, and so on.

With the warmer weather also comes the quiet peacefulness, in my humble opinion, of being able to dry the wash outside.  To me, one of my favorite sights in my yard in Spring and Summer, after watching the kids at play and the plants sprouting forth, is to see the clothes waving in the breeze on our Hills Rotary.  Relaxing.  And I love it.  I have written about the qualities of the Hills Rotary time and again, but thought it was time to mention a few things that may pop up and enter your mind after the winter months.

If you put your Hills Rotary Hoist away for the winter (yes, we have accessories for that!:  the Hills Wall Bracket can be found on www.breezedryer.com.), taking it out again for warmer weather use may present with a situation that may surprise you.  Checking to be sure that the lines of your Hills Rotary Hoist are not tangled over an arm or draped over an arm will save some time and concern once you get the clothesline into the socket and ready to work for you.  The lines draping over an arm will not allow the head of the rotary to be secured by the latch.  A simple check beforehand will free you of that issue.

Making the Rotary Hoist part of the yard

Making the Rotary Hoist part of the yard


If the special spot you’ve chosen for your Rotary Hoist is central to your yard (or wherever it may be), why not consider an Umbrella Conversion Kit?  This kit is specially designed for Hills Rotary Hoist sockets (will not work with other rotaries), and contains socket adapters to fit almost any type of umbrella.  Voila! Instant umbrella location in your yard and you’ve taken back your yard space in one easy step.

Look to www.breezedryer.com for all of your part needs as well.  We carry a full line of parts for your Hills Clothesline, and are proud to say that Hills products are made with the expectation that they will last for decades, not a year or a few.  Sustainable products for you and your family.  Enjoy the warm breezes of Spring.

A painting by Daniel Garber from the Michener Museum

A painting by Daniel Garber from the Michener Museum