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For us, there are so many reasons to love a Hills Clothesline product.  Whether it’s an outdoor model or an indoor drying rack, the possibilities and applications are there; if you need the best line-drying product your money can buy, there is something for you.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and the products we offer…but now WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We are in need of feedback, from you, our customers!  There are many options for line-drying; your opinion of your Hills Clothesline or Drying Rack is so important for us to help others.  The internet has made it possible for all of us to learn from others’ experiences, and we are hoping that you will share yours by reviewing a product (or products) at www.breezedryer.com.  It’s simple and easy once you are familiar with a Hills product:

1.  Log in to or register for an account on www.breezedryer.com.

2.  Leave a product review for one item (or more than one item that you own).

3.  Automatically be entered to win a $150 gift certificate to the www.breezedryer.com website!  It is that easy.

4.  This chance to win expires on February 28, 2015.  The random winner will be announced March 1, 2015.  Thank you!!

Everyone can get involved!

Everyone can get involved!

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How strong is it?!


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We’ve had some feedback recently from customers who just cannot believe that our drying racks can hold as much as they can.  Comments that range from “there is no way that 3-Tier can hold a pair of wet jeans” to questions about the strength of the Expanding Indoor Clothesline’s (EIC) ability to stand up to a load of wash, including sweaters.  We are hear to finally set the record straight and let you know a few important things about Hills’ Drying Racks and why they stand out from the competition:

  • They are one-piece construction – there are no joints to fail.
  • They are meant for indoor drying, but of course can be used outside in good weather…this is not to say that a decent wind would not take them for a ride and blow them over.  Regular outdoor drying can be accomplished with one of the four other types of clotheslines we offer (Rotary, Folding Frame, Retractable, Portable).
  • They can definitely stand up to weight…our family of six, including a 6’5″ male and all of his XL size clothes, has the ability to hang wash confidently on these racks.  We’ve hung everything from wet jeans, to sweaters, to a load of bath towels, including a small rug on one of the wings of the EIC.

We’ve had many people come to us excited to see the EIC because they have used the same type of rack in Europe and didn’t think they could get something like it here.  We recently had a customer who ordered the Hills EIC contact us to say that these racks are similar, but the Hills is a superior product.  It is built much sturdier and the wires for hanging are steel wire, not plastic lines like the other across the Atlantic.  There are products available that look similar to the Hills product, but they can’t match it.  The quality and durability is in line with everything else Hills does in the manufacture of their items.  We are proud to carry them and bring them to the US for you.

The image below is of a load of wash on our EIC, with Gary’s wet jeans hanging on one wing.  Not a problem.  The room with our wood stove is perfect for drying the laundry during cold months…clothes dry quickly and much needed moisture is added to the air in the house.  Living in the Northeast makes line drying an inside job most days during the winter months.

Hanging out by the woodburner.

Hanging out by the woodburner.

We invite you to put the products to the test.  They are not your typical drying rack available in big box stores.  They are not made so that they will break in a year or two and you’d have to buy a new one…they are made so that you can rely on them for years of drying.  And we are here to help with your decision or if anything comes up after your purchase.

Be sure to sign up at www.breezedryer.com for our newsletter, which will be the place to find out about any savings we may be offering.  And don’t forget to “friend” us on Facebook, and let us know what you love about your Hills product!  Thanks for reading!

Hills® & Your Pool – Perfect Together!


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We are excited to offer a line drying solution to another area of your home – the pool!

Goodbye wet towels hanging on the chairs, fences, piled on the ground or draped over the picnic table . . . your pool area will look great and your towels will dry more effectively. Our Hills® Supa Fold 120 Folding Frame Clothesline (#FD45408) offers the perfect solution. When not in use the Supa Fold 120 folds down flat to the wall so it won’t get in the way when not in use. The width can be customized to accommodate whatever space limitation you have. Also works great for vacation homes at the lake or beach. Attach one in the garage or basement so wet towels won’t be left  hanging all over your house.

Don’t have a wall to attach a Supa Fold 120 folding frame ? No problem, our optional Supa Fold Adjustable Post Kit (#FD45420) mounts in the ground so you can install the Supa Fold120 in the location that best suits your needs. It is also adjustable to the height that is convenient to you. The optional Supa Fold Ground Mount Socket Pack (#FD45430)  allows the Supafold 120 to be removed from the ground and stored when not in use. That is what we love about our Hills® Clotheslines . . . they do not have to be permanently installed in your yard leaving you the flexibility to regain your yard space

Click here to See the Supa Fold 120 in action!

Contain the chaos of your time at your pool and save money as your towels dry perfectly in the sun with the Hills® Supa Fold 120!