Loving the Hills Rotary


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By now it’s clear that line-drying is something that we take seriously in our household.  With a family of 6, laundry is a daily ritual and one that is therapeutic for my husband who is the main wash-man.  He loves to be sure that there is at least one washload hanging at any point during the day in our home or in our yard.  Since it’s winter here in the Northeast, these days most of the clothes are hanging indoors, as as we’ve said before, this practice can add much needed moisture to the dry winter air inside your home.

But by far my favorite is hanging the wash outside on our Hills Rotary.  Couldn’t be easier.  Lots of wash in a small footprint.  Clothes beautifully waving while the rotary gently spins in the breeze.  When we were building our addition a few years ago, our rotary socket got covered in dirt, and try as we might, we couldn’t locate it.  During that time we hung the laundry using a simple line strung up between 3 different points in our yard.  It had to be put up and taken down on a regular basis because in order to make it convenient, it had to be close to the house.  That situation made it an obstruction in our “near” yard.  The kids had to play elsewhere and my husband or I had to be in charge of stringing and unstringing the line.  Doesn’t sound like a really big deal, right?  But with the amount of laundry we had, we needed plenty of line space.  I was completely and totally missing my Hills Rotary.  Don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone:  classic example.

Our Hills Rotary sits outside most of the year, and we’ve even had wash dry on it earlier this January.  But now we’re back to drying inside on our Hills Portable Clothesline or one of the space-saving Drying Racks.  They truly do make getting the laundry done less of a chore!


Loving Winter

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Experience Necessary


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For us, there are so many reasons to love a Hills Clothesline product.  Whether it’s an outdoor model or an indoor drying rack, the possibilities and applications are there; if you need the best line-drying product your money can buy, there is something for you.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and the products we offer…but now WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We are in need of feedback, from you, our customers!  There are many options for line-drying; your opinion of your Hills Clothesline or Drying Rack is so important for us to help others.  The internet has made it possible for all of us to learn from others’ experiences, and we are hoping that you will share yours by reviewing a product (or products) at www.breezedryer.com.  It’s simple and easy once you are familiar with a Hills product:

1.  Log in to or register for an account on www.breezedryer.com.

2.  Leave a product review for one item (or more than one item that you own).

3.  Automatically be entered to win a $150 gift certificate to the www.breezedryer.com website!  It is that easy.

4.  This chance to win expires on February 28, 2015.  The random winner will be announced March 1, 2015.  Thank you!!

Everyone can get involved!

Everyone can get involved!

Springtime tune-up…


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Spring is definitely upon us now, no sign of Old Man Winter…he clouded our days long enough here in PA.  Always grateful for the seasons, however, as they make me appreciate what lies ahead.  I am always eager for Winter to come, and then just as eager to see it go and see the buds of Spring.  And so on, and so on.

With the warmer weather also comes the quiet peacefulness, in my humble opinion, of being able to dry the wash outside.  To me, one of my favorite sights in my yard in Spring and Summer, after watching the kids at play and the plants sprouting forth, is to see the clothes waving in the breeze on our Hills Rotary.  Relaxing.  And I love it.  I have written about the qualities of the Hills Rotary time and again, but thought it was time to mention a few things that may pop up and enter your mind after the winter months.

If you put your Hills Rotary Hoist away for the winter (yes, we have accessories for that!:  the Hills Wall Bracket can be found on www.breezedryer.com.), taking it out again for warmer weather use may present with a situation that may surprise you.  Checking to be sure that the lines of your Hills Rotary Hoist are not tangled over an arm or draped over an arm will save some time and concern once you get the clothesline into the socket and ready to work for you.  The lines draping over an arm will not allow the head of the rotary to be secured by the latch.  A simple check beforehand will free you of that issue.

Making the Rotary Hoist part of the yard

Making the Rotary Hoist part of the yard


If the special spot you’ve chosen for your Rotary Hoist is central to your yard (or wherever it may be), why not consider an Umbrella Conversion Kit?  This kit is specially designed for Hills Rotary Hoist sockets (will not work with other rotaries), and contains socket adapters to fit almost any type of umbrella.  Voila! Instant umbrella location in your yard and you’ve taken back your yard space in one easy step.

Look to www.breezedryer.com for all of your part needs as well.  We carry a full line of parts for your Hills Clothesline, and are proud to say that Hills products are made with the expectation that they will last for decades, not a year or a few.  Sustainable products for you and your family.  Enjoy the warm breezes of Spring.

A painting by Daniel Garber from the Michener Museum

A painting by Daniel Garber from the Michener Museum




Simple Tips for Parents – Living Green


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Springtime always reminds me of birth.  Having a baby can (and will!) change your life, in more ways than one.  It may make you begin to think about or reconsider how you live, what you want to expose your child to, or even consider living “green” now that you have someone to personally pass the torch to, so to speak.  If you know someone who fits this description, some interesting tips can be found at this link from Living Green magazine:

Simple Tips for Living Green

Number 5 is part of our mission…helping you save electricity!  A SupaFold Folding Frame Clothesline makes a fantastic addition to a new mom’s laundry room…mounted near the washer it is the perfect place to hang all of those cloth diapers during the winter months, and then a Hills outdoor line for the warmer months makes the job simple.  Let the sun and breeze do your drying, naturally.   There can be many stains that appear on baby’s clothes that can be challenging to remove; the sun is a wonderful bleaching agent and can get the job done on some of the toughest spots.

Earth Day is just around the corner, every small thing we do does make a difference.




Love your Line


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What a fantastic article written a few years back regarding Hills and their Hoist…the line I love the most:

“And in 1994 the 5millionth hoist was sold and when you consider there are only 7.4million households in Australia, that’s a lot.”

Read it here:   Hills Hoist!

Australians are such exemplary conservationists…if only more would follow their examples…the benefits would be far reaching.


Where to put all those wet winter clothes?!


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If you are dealing with coats, snow pants, hats, gloves, scarves all over the place during the winter, why not consolidate?  Keeping a Hills drying rack close to the door is a simple solution.

wet snow clothes

Why have items strewn all over the house?  One rack, one place for all things wet.  Now, you may ask, why a Hills Rack?  Why not my $14 rack from some big box retailer?  If you think that that rack can handle all those wet, heavy items, please go for it!  We will be here waiting to provide you with the best Drying Rack your money can buy…reliable, sturdy, Hills.

An easy way to celebrate Earth Day all year long…make EVERY DAY Earth Day.


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Today is Earth Day, 2013, and this day has held a bit less significance for us each year.  This may sound unbelievable, but it’s not that difficult to understand why:  we try to live our lives this way EVERY DAY.  For our family, Earth Day is something we are very grateful for, that this is recognized and celebrated by so many.  We just try to be sure that we live our lives as “green” as we are able.  The children are very involved and though we are not always perfect, no one is, we give it our best shot.  Line-drying, recycling, composting, organic gardening, it is all good.

Using a clothesline has allowed us to cut back our energy bill by an significant amount.  Given that we have 6 people in our family, it would be very easy to run multiple dryer loads a day.  We have not touched the dryer in probably 5 years.  Our younger children don’t even really know where it is located in the house.  I store some of our pantry items in the basement near it, and if I say “could you please go down and get this for Mommy, it’s near the dryer”, they give me a confused look until I explain further.  It is not the best landmark to use in our basement.

Our clothesline is in use most days during the week, and we can get an incredible amount of wash dried in one afternoon.  My personal favorite is our rotary because I don’t have to lug the laundry basket along the line and then can watch the clothes peacefully spinning in the breeze.  When the weather doesn’t cooperate, we go indoors and use one of our other Hills lines like the Portable 170 or Trilogy Airer.  It all makes a big difference, the little things.  Line drying may seem like something that is just too difficult and too much of a time waster.  It may seem like something a person can’t imagine doing, we’ve moved beyond this, and don’t need to use these things our grandparents used.

But remember, it is the little things, people making small changes that can add up to big changes.  Line-drying is retro.  It isn’t only good for your clothes, but for your spirit and the planet as well.   With a Hills product, you can also know that it will bring you many, many years of use, and add sustainability to it’s list of pros.  It’s truly not that difficult to make Earth Day every day.


Listen to your mother…


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My Mom has always line dried our family wash.  To this day, she does not own a mechanical dryer.  When the weather is good, wash goes out; when it’s not so good, the wash gets hung inside on drying racks.  To give a little perspective, growing up, our back yard was small, and I mean SMALL.  We had a clothesline that cut that yard straight through, right in half.  It was possible, as I got older and taller, to hit my head on it as we were playing.  It was good for one thing other than hanging wash on, and that was playing badminton (it substituted as our net).  My Mom got her Hills Rotary long before we were involved in offering them to others…  The following post is my Mom’s, her brief take on line drying through her life.  She tells it like it is, I am grateful for her perspective:

“Hanging clothes has always been one of my things.  I’ve never had a dryer and never really felt the desire to purchase one.  I’ve been hanging clothes for 54 years, ever since I began helping my Mom hang the family’s clothes, on a clothesline strung between two poles, in the backyard.

Needless to say, I’ve used a variety of clotheslines, over the years, from that rope line strung in the backyard, to a pulley line strung from our second floor apartment window (when we were first married), to a vinyl line strung from our home to another structure across our backyard (when we first moved into our home), to my current line, a very efficient Hills Rotary (which is situated in my backyard).

You just know when you have purchased the best product.  It gives you a very satisfying feeling, to say the least.  I am sure that years of research has brought this line to the point where it is today.  Lowering this line allows me to hang clothes comfortably.  Raising the line affords the clothes catching a good breeze.  The rotation feature exposes the clothes to all directions.  The sturdy construction ensures a long life.  The warranty gives reassurance of its quality.  The Rotary can be folded or removed from its yard socket, when more backyard space is needed (for that occasional party, etc.).

I’ve had my Hills Rotary for more than 15 years.  It looks and operates like the day I first used it.  Do I love this clothesline, or do I love this clothesline?!!!”


You’ve tried the rest…


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This past weekend, we attended the WNEP Home & Backyard Expo 2012 at the Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  It was an extremely well run event and we had a fantastic time meeting people interested in line drying.  As a web-based retailer, one of the things that we really appreciate about shows is our ability to have people see and feel the difference in Hills Clotheslines and Drying Racks.  Sure, I’ve said this before, but there is honestly no comparison with the “comparable” products out there.  And by that I mean if you go into a big box retailer and try to look for a clothesline, you will find 3 facts to be true:

1. The selection is minimal, most often a cloth line that you would string from tree to tree and need to prop to keep your clothes from brushing the ground.

2. If there are options, they are unattractive options.  Nothing special.  You work hard to make your home attractive and your yard and garden lovely…you should have the option of choosing from products that are not only functional but modern and styled to fit in with your surroundings, not stick out like a sore thumb.

3.  Products that are very cheaply made, because anyone looking for a clothesline cannot be expecting very much.  These are not meant to last long (designed to last 2-3 years at most), then you will be back to spend your money on another very soon.

I am not trying to knock an individual’s method of line-drying; however you do it, whenever and wherever, it is a wonderful thing that you are doing for so many reasons.  But Hills products are built to last; you have tried the rest, now try the best.  (yes, I had to say it.)  Being at a show or expo lets us bring the products to those interested and show them that there are choices out there, and so many of them.  Colors, sizes, styles…Hills has thought of it all and their products are constantly and consistently refined, and they listen to their customers.  Where do you find that anymore?  That is why we are happy to bring such quality to Americans who want to take a bit better care of their clothes and their wallets.  The Return On Investment (ROI) of Hills clotheslines and drying racks used regularly is less than a year.

We will let you in ASAP on the next show that we will be attending.  And if you want to give line drying a try, or if you have been line-drying for years and want to upgrade to products that will last decades beyond their warranty and will save money and energy, come see us!  We love to discuss the virtues of line drying.


Breeze Dryer at the WNEP Home & Backyard Expo 2012


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We are excited this weekend to visit some old friends, those at WNEP’s Home & Backyard.  They put on a fantastic expo every other year that allows some of the people who have been highlighted on their show to display their wares and give viewers an opportunity to see the products first-hand.   Gary was on with Jackie Lewandowski back in 2008, and we had an amazing response.  The viewers of Northeastern PA and beyond were fantastic and welcoming.  Thank you!

Now that it feels somewhat like Spring, come out for a fun weekend and explore the expo!  It runs this weekend, Friday March 16th through Sunday March 18th at the Wyoming Valley Mall.  Drop by our booth and see the difference in Hills Clotheslines and Drying Racks  …save money and energy and give line-drying a second look…these are not your grandma’s clotheslines.