Spring, I know you’re out there!


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There is a wonderful gardening show on public radio called “You Bet Your Garden”, recorded right here in the Philly area.  The host has some excellent suggestions and recommendations for gardening the natural way, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  One of the recent shows extolled the use of garden beds for planting.  They are ideal ways to garden, and simple to use and enjoy.

Breeze Dryer currently offers a number of Hills Garden Beds, each specifically designed to make your gardening experience an enjoyable one.  Check out our different sizes and styles here Garden Beds at Breeze Dryer.  The Hills Adda Garden Garden Beds are so simple to set up and use; visit our website, purchase the style you prefer, and it will arrive to you with minimal assembly required.  If you own a screwdriver, you can do this.  The galvanized steel walls provide for long term enjoyment and no contamination of your soil (as may occur using pressure-treated lumber or railroad ties…which we do not recommend).  You’ll be quickly on the path of warmer days and happy gardening.

Adda Garden 480

Mike McGrath, who provides endless knowledge of all things garden-related, and hosts the “You Bet Your Garden” show on WHYY and other stations throughout the country, can be found sharing some of his best garden bed info here:  YBYG .

Also, if bringing the garden to you is something you would enjoy, indoors or out on a deck or patio or wherever your imagination takes you, consider the garden bed with a base and ability to self-water (even while you’re away!) the Self-Watering Garden Bed is perfect!  With colors to match any decor and a top-notch reputation for reliability, the Hills SWGB is at home in apartments, homes, balconies…great colors too!



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Experience Necessary


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For us, there are so many reasons to love a Hills Clothesline product.  Whether it’s an outdoor model or an indoor drying rack, the possibilities and applications are there; if you need the best line-drying product your money can buy, there is something for you.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and the products we offer…but now WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We are in need of feedback, from you, our customers!  There are many options for line-drying; your opinion of your Hills Clothesline or Drying Rack is so important for us to help others.  The internet has made it possible for all of us to learn from others’ experiences, and we are hoping that you will share yours by reviewing a product (or products) at www.breezedryer.com.  It’s simple and easy once you are familiar with a Hills product:

1.  Log in to or register for an account on www.breezedryer.com.

2.  Leave a product review for one item (or more than one item that you own).

3.  Automatically be entered to win a $150 gift certificate to the www.breezedryer.com website!  It is that easy.

4.  This chance to win expires on February 28, 2015.  The random winner will be announced March 1, 2015.  Thank you!!

Everyone can get involved!

Everyone can get involved!

Join us at the Mother Earth News Fair!


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We are so happy to once again be at the Mother Earth New Fair this weekend in Seven Springs PA! We love making this a family event and our kids look forward to going every year. If you have been to this fair or any of the other Mother Earth News Fairs you know what we mean! This years workshops include:

  • Renewable energy
  • Small-scale agriculture
  • Gardening
  • Green building and more
Read more: Click Here

What we love most is getting out to meet people and talk clotheslines. We will have the following Hills products on display and for purchase:

  • Hills Slim Retracting 6
  • Hills Extenda 4 and 6
  • Hills Rotary 7 (Forest Glade)
  • Hills Everyday Villa Rotary  37 (Norfolk Pine)
  • Hills SupaFold Duo Folding Frame (Pebble Beach)
  • Hills Pegs
  • Hills Cordomatic

Our Show Special: Spend $175 at the show and receive a FREE  A-Frame Drying Rack ! ($51 value)

Stop by to say hello to us in Booth #105!

Want to hear something REALLY SCARY??


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With Halloween right around the corner, it seems like an appropriate time to mention scary things…as adults we’re scared of different things than the typical vampire or werewolf.  Visiting the Mother Earth News fair recently, I stopped by their bookstore.  This was not scary.  It was my first time at the show, though Gary had visited last year and raved about it.  I was equally impressed, and the bookstore was incredible.  Being the mother of four that I am I decided to check out some of the children’s books, and came upon a title called Catch the Wind Harness the Sun by Michael J. Caduto.  This was a book of cool science projects for kids, and I was looking through it as I turned to page 100…the activity was DRYING CLOTHES ON-LINE.  Amazing that kids have to think of this as a science project, but I was intrigued by the idea of getting children interested in this way, even if their parents don’t regularly line dry.  Not scary yet, right?  Sort of sad that something so simple is not more commonly practiced, but not really scary.

Now for the scary part.  Reading further into the “project”, Mr. Caduto gives children the numbers to assist in the calculation of how much energy a family could save by drying clothes on a line.  Encouraging children to think about what this all really means, Mr. Caduto states that “every year it takes 29 coal-fired power plants to power just the clothes dryers in the United States.”!!! (The exclamation points are mine.)  “An average coal plant in the United States emits more than 3.5 million tons (3.2 million metric tons) of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.”  If those last few sentences don’t SCARE you, they should.  They haunted me, literally, since I ready them a month ago.

Clotheslines may be low-tech, they don’t need to be plugged in, but their use makes sense and it is an easy way to save money, energy, and obviously carbon emissions.  Hills makes either an outdoor line (Rotary Clothesline, Folding Frame, Extenda, Portable) or indoor line (Folding Frame, Extenda, Portable, Drying Racks) depending on where you live or what your home type is…apartment, condo, home with large or small backyard.  Do we really want to help power 29 power plants across the US??  To me, that is a scary thought.  I’ll do what I can to make a difference…for my children, for the planet, because this is something I can do easily.

Mother Called and Said to Meet Her in Seven Springs, PA!


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Got plans this weekend? MOTHER EARTH NEWS, the country’s largest and longest-running publication on sustainable lifestyles, is bringing its message of practical, self-sufficient living to life for people at every point on the green-living spectrum.

Located in Seven Springs, PA MOTHER EARTH NEWS  is having their 2nd Annual Fair  this weekend and Breeze Dryer is so happy to be exhibiting once again! Last year was a great success as we have been advertising in Mother Earth News and readers could see how great our Hills line of drying products are in person! This year we are  at booth #1608 so stop by and say hello to Gary and Gayle!

Mother Earth News will once again bring to the public two days of  150 workshops and hands-on demonstrations. The fair will feature experts on gardening, modern homesteading, real food, renewable energy, green building and remodeling . . an amazing amount of information with topics to please a variety of interests!

Fun for the whole family as they will also feature childrens projects, a seed swap, livestock craft and vendor demonstrations, an eco-friendly shopping pavilion, artisan food tastings, local and organic food offerings and live music!

WHEN: Saturday Sept 24 : 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Sunday Sept. 25: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

WHERE: Seven Springs Mountain Resort, 777 Waterwheel Drive, Seven Springs, PA  15622.