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If you have kids you certainly know what it is like to find that they have outgrown all their clothes . . . like suddenly! My 11 year old son went to camp this summer for only one week and returned with a great new confidence and added height – a whole inch and a half taller!  The clothes I had to buy in the Spring due to a later winter growth spurt no longer fit this fall and they are almost like new  . . .

So I am staring at this pile of clothes and cringing at the thought of trying to sell some of the name brand clothes as I do when I get on my usual eBay roll.   But the thoughts of taking pictures, creating listings is just too daunting right now as I am still reeling from back to school, work, meals, housework, walk the dog and not to mention the holidays countdown clock is starting to tick louder everyday in the background. So by some leap of faith I happened to stumble upon

This online consignment shop is targeted to moms like us with too many wonderful outgrown clothes in a pile in the corner of our kids room waiting for a home. The premise is easy  as you start by sending them a box of good to excellent condition clothes. This is the part that made me do a double take – charges a flat fee of $8.90 for sorting, photographing, listing and storing all of items you send and the UPS shipping fee from your house to in Illinois is included. Not to mention my first time is free!!  If you don’t have shipping supplies they will send them to you as well. Their fee is reasonable – $1 for each item sold and 20% of the sale price . You set the sales price and once an item is sold you can either receive your payment via PayPal or use your credit to swap for other items that you want to get for your own kids. If you items don’t sell within 45 days will buy them from you. They will also accept Toys & games, Baby Gear, Books, Decor . . . anything kid related which is a good motivator to finally clean out the closets. So check it out . . .I will keep you posted on how this journey goes for me!


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