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This past weekend, we attended the WNEP Home & Backyard Expo 2012 at the Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  It was an extremely well run event and we had a fantastic time meeting people interested in line drying.  As a web-based retailer, one of the things that we really appreciate about shows is our ability to have people see and feel the difference in Hills Clotheslines and Drying Racks.  Sure, I’ve said this before, but there is honestly no comparison with the “comparable” products out there.  And by that I mean if you go into a big box retailer and try to look for a clothesline, you will find 3 facts to be true:

1. The selection is minimal, most often a cloth line that you would string from tree to tree and need to prop to keep your clothes from brushing the ground.

2. If there are options, they are unattractive options.  Nothing special.  You work hard to make your home attractive and your yard and garden lovely…you should have the option of choosing from products that are not only functional but modern and styled to fit in with your surroundings, not stick out like a sore thumb.

3.  Products that are very cheaply made, because anyone looking for a clothesline cannot be expecting very much.  These are not meant to last long (designed to last 2-3 years at most), then you will be back to spend your money on another very soon.

I am not trying to knock an individual’s method of line-drying; however you do it, whenever and wherever, it is a wonderful thing that you are doing for so many reasons.  But Hills products are built to last; you have tried the rest, now try the best.  (yes, I had to say it.)  Being at a show or expo lets us bring the products to those interested and show them that there are choices out there, and so many of them.  Colors, sizes, styles…Hills has thought of it all and their products are constantly and consistently refined, and they listen to their customers.  Where do you find that anymore?  That is why we are happy to bring such quality to Americans who want to take a bit better care of their clothes and their wallets.  The Return On Investment (ROI) of Hills clotheslines and drying racks used regularly is less than a year.

We will let you in ASAP on the next show that we will be attending.  And if you want to give line drying a try, or if you have been line-drying for years and want to upgrade to products that will last decades beyond their warranty and will save money and energy, come see us!  We love to discuss the virtues of line drying.


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Balancing Act


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This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to mention nonetheless.  I’m sure most of our readers are aware of the fact that balance plays an important role in wash hanging.  If you string a single line across your yard, you wouldn’t necessarily hang the heaviest items in the middle, where the sag would overwhelm the line, although  the good old clothes “prop” poles do the trick.  The same “balancing act” goes for any clothesline that you may use.

There are unique features to the Hills Clotheslines that others just don’t offer.  We at Breeze Dryer are proud to claim them.  One good example is the spinning of the rotary in the breeze; it is not only lovely and calming to watch (can you tell how much I enjoy this?), but helps the clothes dry quicker.  Read the rest of this entry »

Line-drying in the winter?


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The weather here in the Northeast has been a bit unpredictable this winter, and what a winter it has been…we’re not even halfway through!  If  you live where the seasons change, you’re interested in line-drying and want to do it throughout the year, Hills makes a clothesline for you.

For us and our family, the rotary is our outdoor clothesline of choice.  We love to watch the clothes spin in the breeze, it’s so relaxing.  We can get so many loads hung and drying at once that it’s a big time-saver.  But that scenario is still months away, so the clothes have their place drying inside.  Indoors, we use a Portable 170 and drying racks spread around the house to lend much-needed moisture and dry not only laundry but all of those pants, gloves and hats that the kids get covered with snow.

Even if you are a die-hard dryer user, there are probably a few items that you just can’t or won’t put in the dryer…delicates or other special fabric…so where best to hang them?  The Expanding Indoor Clothesline and the 3-Tier Mobile Airer are two options that are quick to set up and take down.  These can be used anywhere in a home, an apartment, at a beach house, etc, where temporary space is needed to dry.

3-Tier full of towels

3-Tier fully loaded!

We have had customers ask “Is the 3-Tier strong enough to hold a sweatshirt?  It can’t be.”  For those familiar with drying products sold at big-box retailers, Hills quality is not something they are used to (more on the quality testing of Hills Clotheslines in future blog postings).  This past summer, we filled up the top rack of the 3-Tier with wet beach towels and suits.  Not a problem.

We use the EIC (Expanding Indoor Clothesline) to dry our heavy sweaters plus other clothes. With pegs or not, the possibilities are endless.

So, until the sun shines warmly again here in PA, we wish you happy line-drying inside, for now.