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This December, be sure to check out www.breezedryer.com for special savings on our most popular drying racks:

Free Shipping!!

We are excited to offer the Expanding Indoor Clothesline (EIC) with free shipping this month.  The EIC can save money, energy and space this winter and beyond.  It is the perfect fit for whatever your living space, be it apartment, home, condo, dorm room.  Easy to collapse and store and move if need be.

The Hills Indoor Clothesline is also being offered with free shipping this month.  It is the “sister” of the EIC, basically the same rack without the wings.  Folds flat, easy to store and ready to hold the laundry you need to hang.  Heavy or light, wet jeans or sweaters, it can handle it.

Keep in mind that you can maximize your drying space by hanging your laundry with Hills Pegs ( Australian for clothespins).

Take advantage by calling us at 1-877-794-0379 or visit www.breezedryer.com.fe110036

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