Oh, My Aching Back . . .


Posted by laurabuck | Posted in Line-Drying | Posted on 13-10-2010

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I am amazed at the number or people I know that have lower back trouble. Having developed recent issues myself,  how was I going to carry the clothes basket full of wet laundry outside to the clothesline to hang? An easy, enjoyable and energysaving task now became a serious issue for me.

Breeze Dryer to the rescue! The Hills Easifold Laundry Trolley has provided me the opportunity to once again enjoy line drying without compromising my aching back. The unit is very sturdy and easily accommodates a square or oval laundry basket. The laundry basket sits at the perfect height eliminating the extra bending that I would need to do if the basket was set on the ground. Once the laundry is dry I wheel it all back into the house. The Hills Easifold Laundry Trolley folds easily and stores in a closet out of the way. Also great for apartment dwellers or Seniors who need to wheel their laundry any distance.

Easily tranport your wash to your clothesline

Easily tranport your wash to your clothesline

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