What’s in a name?


Posted by Gayle | Posted in Clothesline Features, Green, Line-Drying | Posted on 05-10-2011

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There have been a lot of changes showing up on our website, www.breezedryer.com, lately.  Things look a bit different when you click on the Rotary Clotheslines link on the left side of the page… there are so many new products with different names!  It is not as confusing as it may first appear.  Hills has been working, as always, to make things easier for the customer.  Now the rotaries have more intuitive names, like the Rotary 6, Rotary 7 and Rotary 8, each telling you how many lines per side that particular rotary has.  The Rotary 6 now replaces the Rotary 400 (with 6 lines/side), the Rotary 7 replaces the Rotary 450 and the Rotary 8 replaces the Rotary 500.

Rest assured that any parts you may need for your Hills clothesline will still be available to you, whether you have a 10 year old clothesline or a 3 year old clothesline.   You may not have noticed the pictures on the website of the rigors these products go through before they are sold.  The clotheslines are tested in numerous ways to ensure they stand up to Hills quality standards.

It keeps going and going...Weight (126lbs/57kg!) on the inner lines of a rotary during quality testing.

As always, if you have questions, we are here to help.  Call us (877-794-0379/215-794-0379) or e-mail us at info@breezedryer.com and we’ll be happy to assist with any questions you may have.

Enjoy this weather!  So perfect for line-drying…give your dryer a vacation and let mother nature’s warm breezes dry your clothes.

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Life is hectic…but…


Posted by Gary Sutterlin | Posted in Green, Line-Drying | Posted on 18-03-2011

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Just came in from having the most beautiful warm breeze blow through my hair.  And I don’t mean standing in front of the bathroom mirror with my hairdryer.  I mean the kind that reminds you that winter doesn’t last forever and March may come in like a lion, but truly does go out like a lamb.  The kind of breeze that makes the amazingly warm (74deg) day here in Bucks County perfect for drying laundry, lots and lots of laundry.

I probably have written before about our love of our rotary.  It’s a big one, the Hills Rotary 500, with plenty of room for the wash of our family of 6.  I am on my fourth washload of the day, and was standing there watching the clothes blow and I started to think…think about how hectic things can be, just life in general.  I have so many things I should be doing right now, that will be waiting for me when I go in.  Though things are hectic, sometimes it is a wonderful thing to take a break for a minute or two.  As I stood there I thought about how simple it is to hang the wash, using only my own energy, and letting the sun and wind take over and do the job of drying the clothes.  No dryer to turn on and worry about shrinkage or what my electric bill might look like…or wonder when I’m going to get the clothes out of the dryer and actually fold them.  Just nature, and me, collaborating.

When I’m out there, I get the chance to stop and look at the clothes, my children’s, how small they are, and remember how much smaller they used to be.  There is going to come a time when the clothes will all be big and that will be sooner than I’d like to admit.  But for now I can stand and look at the little socks and undershirts, dress shirts and pants and just be grateful.  Grateful for all of it.

Is it possible to have an AHA! moment standing at your clothesline?  I guess for me it is.  It lets me slow down for a short while, take a breather and think about life, and goodness, and leaves me feeling grateful.  That’s why I love it.

An Ocean Breeze Hills Rotary

An Ocean Breeze Hills Rotary