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Springtime always reminds me of birth.  Having a baby can (and will!) change your life, in more ways than one.  It may make you begin to think about or reconsider how you live, what you want to expose your child to, or even consider living “green” now that you have someone to personally pass the torch to, so to speak.  If you know someone who fits this description, some interesting tips can be found at this link from Living Green magazine:

Simple Tips for Living Green

Number 5 is part of our mission…helping you save electricity!  A SupaFold Folding Frame Clothesline makes a fantastic addition to a new mom’s laundry room…mounted near the washer it is the perfect place to hang all of those cloth diapers during the winter months, and then a Hills outdoor line for the warmer months makes the job simple.  Let the sun and breeze do your drying, naturally.   There can be many stains that appear on baby’s clothes that can be challenging to remove; the sun is a wonderful bleaching agent and can get the job done on some of the toughest spots.

Earth Day is just around the corner, every small thing we do does make a difference.




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The Name Game


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If you have been browsing through our website you may notice some changes to a few of our product names. Recently our fabulous Quatro 4 and Sietro 6 Retractable clotheslines are now known as the Extenda 4 and the Sietro 6.

The Hills Rotary Clothesline – the Rotary 400- Medium in Forest Glade is  now the Rotary 6 – “Medium” Forest Glade.

The Hills Folding Frame – Supa Fold 210 in Pebble Beach is now the Supa Fold Mono-Pebble Beach

We will be making additional changes in the coming months. But not to worry it’s still the same excellent Hills quality you know and love. Hills is always improving on what is already a great product.

As always, if you have any questions you can post them on our blog,  email us at or call us at 877-794-0379.

Change is coming . . . but it is a good thing!

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