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Average Rating: 10.00/10
I just received my Hills Hoist 450 Rotary as a Mother's Day gift. I am delighted!! I love hanging my laundry outside. Previously, I had those clunky old T-post clothesline poles, & they were an eyesore in the yard. We have been experiencing a severe drought recently. We installed the Hills Hoist yesterday. After I hung two loads of laundry out on my new clothesline, we received a rain shower. THANKS!!
Today I have my first load of laundry hanging in the sunshine, and my entire mood has changed! I work from home, and today has not been a particularly good day. But just outside my window, I can see the laundry hanging on the line, and it just lifts my spirit. I get to cooperate with nature a bit, and accomplish some housework while putting in time at the office. Thanks for this wonderful product!" Lori

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