Rotary Clotheslines

Hills Rotary Hoists are the latest solution for natural, fresh air drying. Relax as you hang your laundry and watch the Hills Rotary gently spin in the breeze.  Hills Rotaries can be folded and removed from the ground socket when not in use to give you back your yard space. 10 year peace-of-mind warranty against defects.
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Hills Rotary Clotheslines- Premium Range
Product ID : Premium Rotary Clotheslines
The latest top-of-the-range solution for natural, fresh air drying.
Hills Rotary Clotheslines - Everyday Range
Product ID : Everyday Rotary Clothesline
Hills Heritage Hoists
Product ID : Fixed Head Hoists
Fixed place clotheslines for large washing requirement and room to spare.
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Hills Rotary Hoist Ground Socket
Product ID : FD903532
Rotary Deck/Patio Plate
Product ID : FD1212
Rotary Plus Pack
Product ID : FD86050
Hills Rotary Hoist Umbrella Socket Kit
Hot Deal
Product ID : FD86160
Hills Rotary Hoist Wall Bracket Pack
Product ID : FD903549
Hills Rotary Hoist Rain Bag
Product ID : FD903548
Clothesline Repair Pack 66ft (20m) Rotary- Grey
Product ID : FD903531